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Q: Are there women CD/TS/TVs?
A: Yes.  Many are transsexuals who will look into getting SRS.  I would think that crossdressing isn't a big deal for women because they can wear whatever they want.  Being butch and masculine is a bigger factor than the clothing.
Q: I want to start M2F crossdressing.  How do I start?
A: There isn't a specific way to start crossdressing.  All you have to do is acquire some women's clothes and try them on.  Then go do some normal things, like surf the web, watch tv, or read.  The important thing is to not overdo it on your first time; wear a simple outfit.  If you're not dressing alone, you are very fortunate.  Your partner should be a great deal of help to you.

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I moved personal FAQ questions to the "About Sharon" page.  I'll keep this FAQ page for broader questions.