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I have decided that I will make my links page divided into categories.  The categories are: TG Online Stores, TG Personal Pages, TG Resources, TG Communication, and Miscellaneous.  I feel the names of the categories are self-explanatory, and I hope you enjoy the sites and find them useful.

If you have trouble with the links, either hold down the "Ctrl" key when you click on them, or right click the link you want and then click "Open in a new browser window."

Transgender/Transgender Friendly Online Stores


Crossdressing Curves

Fantasies in Lace

Fantasy Girl

Suddenly Fem

Tights Online

Transgendered and Crossdressing Makeup


TV Paradise

Personal Pages of Other Crossdressers and Transsexuals

Transgender Resources

Coping With Crossdressing

Crossdressing: CDtips Home page

TG Now


Transgender Communication

Crossdresser Forums

UR Not Alone Crossdressing

Rainbow Teens *NEW*

Yahoo! Chat


Crossdressing Picture Gallery

Please notify me if you know of a website not listed here that I should link to, including your personal page if you have one.  You do not have to ask to link to my site, just be polite enough to tell me that you're doing so.