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What Are You?

What Are You?
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It's not as complicated as it all seems

CD = Crossdresser. Usually a heterosexual male who expresses his feminine side, and often gets sexual satisfaction, by dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex. CDer's don't want to take hormones or have sex change surgery.

DQ = Drag Queen. Usually a gay male who dresses as a female to attract other gay men. Drag queens sometimes perform as female impersonators in night clubs. They usually employ garish makeup and exaggerated mannerisms.

F2M or FTM = A female-to-male transsexual.

G.I.D. = Gender Identity Disorder. The medical definition of a transsexual. G.I.D. is still classified as a mental condition. However, the latest thinking is that it is a biological, rather than mental, "disorder" and that transsexualism is caused by a mix-up in the fetal hormone balance.

GRS = Genital Reconstructive Surgery. See SRS.

HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy. The taking of estrogen and perhaps progesterone by a M2F to feminize the body. A F2M would take testosterone.

M2F or MTF = A male-to-female transsexual.

No-op = A person who identifies as transsexual, but does not want SRS. There is controversy over whether there are no-op transsexuals since having female genitalia is an essential step in a transsexual woman's transition. Some feel (myself included) that a no-op transsexual is really transgendered.

Post-op = One who has had SRS. Post-op's usually report satisfactory to very good sensation in their new vagina and have the ability to orgasm.

Pre-op = A pre-op transsexual is one who has not yet had SRS.

Shemale = A male who lives all or part of their life as a woman and who may take hormones, but does not want SRS. Shemale's are sometimes prostitutes and often lead promiscuous lives. Some transgendered people find the term "shemale" offensive (myself included).

SRS = Sex Reassignment Surgery. An operation that transforms the male genitals into female genitals called "vaginoplasty." The most common procedure is called penile inversion, where the testes are removed, the erectile tissue of the penis is excised, a vaginal canal is created, the penile skin inverted and used to line the vaginal canal. Part of the scrotum is used for the new vagina. Also, part of the glans (head of the penis) is used to create a clitoris. Many post-op transsexuals report good sensation in their new vaginas and have the ability to orgasm.

TG = Transgendered. An umbrella term used to describe the full spectrum of "gender-benders," that includes transvestites and transsexuals. It is also used to describe someone in between a TV and TS. In other words, someone who identifies with the female gender, but may or may not live full-time and does not want SRS.

TV = Transvestite. From the Latin "trans" meaning cross and "vest" meaning clothes. See CD.

TS = Transsexual. A person who has a deep, core feeling that they were born with the body of the wrong sex. See G.I.D.

Vaginoplasty = A surgical procedure that transforms the male genitalia into a vagina. See SRS.

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